Landscaping is very subjective. Our job as designers is to be good listeners to find what fits your style of home, as well as, your personality. A good starting place is to look in our gallery at some of the "styles" of landscapes we can create.
Design Concepts
A few of our design considerations:
  1. Conifers, "Conifers are the backbone of the garden". Whether it be spring, fall or winter, conifers provide year round interest.
  2. Placing plantings between you front door and the street create a private, "intimate" area before you step out into the "public" space.
  3. Plantings at the street and cul-de-sac provide this home a little privacy and a English style setting, which makes the house appear as though it is sitting in the garden.
  4. Landscape plantings on both sides of a sidewalk create a great flow, extend the foundation planting and create a welcoming entrance.
  5. A great alternative to bark mulch is our red stone. Red Stone is virtually maintenance free and popular around swimming pools.
  6. A couple of our "go to" Plants for a hillside are "Gro Low" Fragrant Sumac and "Grey Owl" Junipers.
  7. Rear yards used for entertainment areas should be treated as outdoor rooms, whereas trees, shrubs and evergreens should act as walls.
  8. To accomplish "scale" for a home, a tall house close to the street should have generous landscape beds that extend away from the foundation of the house.
  9. Colorful plants are fun and now I'm done!